What We Do

115 Million American Households Wait to Hear from You.

Headquartered in Oxford, Michigan, Agile Geo Data (AGD) is a new kind of distribution technology company, helping print media entities and other businesses reach American households—and their great buying power—in the best possible ways. Our clients include many of the nation’s largest and most successful newspaper publishers, advertisers and consumer products firms. AGD partners with print media entities, converting Total Market Coverage (TMC) deliverables to private delivery and enhance their Home Delivery operations.

America and its businesses run on data, driving both strategic decisions and operations. Whether it’s a weekly or monthly advertising circular or the daily newspaper, marketers and publishers must identify their target audience, establish the most efficient and cost-effective way to reach that audience, implement the best possible distribution mode, and verify delivery accuracy.

AGD is a partner company of American Newspaper Solutions (ANS), a leader in print media distribution, including the ability to enhance circulation divisions at daily newspapers.

AGD supports the technology needs of our clients within many different disciplines, including:

  • The latest in Android-based tablet tracking technology with the ability to design in I/O or other desired platforms.
  • Real time delivery tracking and reporting.
  • Geo-code driven delivery verification.
  • Photographic verification and reporting.
  • Data warehousing.
  • Route creation and analysis.
  • Full GIS capabilities.
  • Complete application design and hosting services.
  • Full demographic data analysis, reporting and GIS integration.
  • Certified Microsoft Professional Services.
  • Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GISc).
Learn more about AGD's full range of demographic, distribution and supporting information infrastructure technologies.